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I am a professor working with millennial students who are trying to figure out their careers. They love games (who doesn't) but not particularly wanting to focus on the results of a questionnaire or take the time for self-reflection. I felt that this would be a quicker and more fun method for them do develop their career paths.

Ann Selcer, Professor at the Houston Women's University

It's a great way for my clients to play and to unlock their purpose. It works really well with the structure and with the cards. It changes the dynamics. You can ask blunt questions that can be really helpful for your client, but via a card. So it's not in your face too much or rude.

James O'Neill, Brisbane

Thanks to the Ikigai Coaching Institute I learned the Ikigai philosophy and the Ikigai questions game tool. I am convinced that we all benefit to use this tool in one-on-one coaching and in team coaching. Understanding your Ikigai will ultimately bring added value to personal mental enrichment and ultimately bottom line business improvement.

Marc Meeuwssen, COO Cargill, Antwerp, Belgium

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