2020 Ikigai® questions game (English)
2020 Ikigai® questions game (English)
2020 Ikigai® questions game (English)
2020 Ikigai® questions game (English)
2020 Ikigai® questions game (English)
2020 Ikigai® questions game (English)
2020 Ikigai® questions game (English)
2020 Ikigai® questions game (English)
2020 Ikigai® questions game (English)
2020 Ikigai® questions game (English)
2020 Ikigai® questions game (English)

2020 Ikigai® questions game (English)

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Help your clients to unlock their unique answer the question: what is my Ikigai? What is my purpose?

We created a new tool, inspired on the way the island people from Okinawa lead their lives. Okinawans each embrace their own “ikigai,” which means “sense of purpose in life.” An ikigai gives their lives purpose, responsibility and a clear reason to begin each day.

Ikigai questions game is different. It offers deep reflection ànd it’s designed for application in real life!

With this tool, you're able to offer your clients something new, something different and something that is proven. So you can differentiate yourself in a crowded market. 

IKIGAI® question game asks the right questions. Taking into account preferences, talents, skills and the application in a market where disruption, digitization and sustainability is reality. 

How to play IKIGAI question game?

  • use it with your coachee in a one-on-one setting
  • with two persons
  • in a small group
  • for team development

Who is using IKIGAI?

  • Coaches and consultants worldwide.
  • HR professionals and line managers with HR tasks.
  • In education to support the career choices of students. Professors at schools and universities such as MIT Sloan, UCLA (Los Angeles), TWA (Texas Women's University) and MIT Sloan. In Thailand and in Japan it's also part of the curriculum at different Business Schools. Since May 2020, IMD from Switserland also started using it.


IKIGAI question game is structured in three parts. Each section contains a series of challenging and provocative questions.

Part 1: You love it. Deep dive questions to uncover what really drives your coachees at their deepest level.

Part 2: You're good at it. Questions to help unlock how someone really makes the difference. What are the best talents and skills of your coachee?

Part 3: Reality check. The application of Ikigai in real life! How will it work out?


Ikigai is built on research & two decades of deep coaching experience

  • The questions are built based on the research from the Okinawa Research Center for Longevity Study. Established in 1975, the OCS and its over 1000 participants have made important contributions to understanding the aging process and longevity. And a conclusion of the research is: knowing your Ikigai helps you to increase your chances for a long and meaningful life. So, never retire!
  • We combined this research with our 25 year experience in coaching. Throughout the years, we have coached thousands of individuals through change. 


Game design

  • In the development phase, we tested the game with our test panel. Based on their feedback, we tuned our questions.
  • When the first version was ready, we tested it with our clients. One-on-one and in small groups of four people.
  • Each game has a unique number and we stay in touch with our users when they start using the tool. We have designed a closed feedback loop for continuous improvement.


      Your clients works with the questions from this personalized version. Actively using the cards and writing on them. You connect the dots together and help unlock Ikigai. Afterwards your client keeps the game as a reference. Their true north if you will.

      Ikigai also serves as the input to create the execution plan.

      You can use Ikigai at multiple crossroads during your coachees’ professional life: as a student, first and second job, mid career and late career. The Ikigai process provides you with a business opportunity to take this journey together with your client for many years.

      Ikigai is millennial proof, gamified and dynamic.

      The game comes in a box that fits into your mailbox. We ship worldwide.

      If you order Ikigai questions game, we will send you free worksheets to use with the tool.

      We organize a monthly online certification training to become a certified Ikigai question game user. In English and in Dutch. More information here.


      Follow IKIGAI™ via twitter: @ikigaicardgame