Ikigai® question game (Japanese version / 日本語版)
Ikigai® question game (Japanese version / 日本語版)
Ikigai® question game (Japanese version / 日本語版)
Ikigai® question game (Japanese version / 日本語版)
Ikigai® question game (Japanese version / 日本語版)
Ikigai® question game (Japanese version / 日本語版)
Ikigai® question game (Japanese version / 日本語版)
Ikigai® question game (Japanese version / 日本語版)
Ikigai® question game (Japanese version / 日本語版)
Ikigai® question game (Japanese version / 日本語版)
Ikigai® question game (Japanese version / 日本語版)

Ikigai® question game (Japanese version / 日本語版)

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Help your clients to find an answer the question: what to get up for in the morning? What is my purpose?

We've created a spicy, unique and patented tool, inspired on the way the island people from Okinawa lead their lives. On Okinawa, everyone knows their Ikigai. Their personal and unique purpose. There is no other place in the world where people get older then here.

Ikigai question game is different then anything else than you've seen before. It inspires, challenges and structures.

IKIGAI® question game makes it easier then ever to ask the right questions. To look in the mirror and unlock purpose. IKIGAI® question game forces to make a balanced choice about where to go with ones life. Taking into account preferences, talents, skills and the application of this into 'real life'. Where you are confronted with disruption, digitization and sustainability.

IKIGAI® on Okinawa means a reason for being. IKI refers to life. And GAI refers to what someone expects and hopes for in life. It's probably not a coincidence that on the island of Okinawa, everybody knows their unique IKIGAI®. It's not uncommon that people in their nineties have small shops and sell their own harvest on the market.

Okinawa is the place on our planet where people get most vitally old in the entire world. Very often, people here get well into their nineties, and still have an active lifestyle.

How to play IKIGAI question game?

  • you can play IKIGAI with two persons
  • you can play IKIGAI in a small group

Who is using IKIGAI?

  • IKIGAI question game is used by coaches and consultants worldwide.
  • HR professionals and line managers with HR tasks.
  • People who want to improve and rethink their career choices.
  • Parents who want to support their children with their career and life choices.
  • IKIGAI™ is used for for team building.
  • Professors at schools and universities such as MIT Sloan, UCLA (Los Angeles), TWA (Texas Women's University) and MIT Sloan. In Thailand and in Japan it's also used at Business Schools.

IKIGAI question game is structured in three parts. Each section contains a series of very challenging and provocative questions. The way the questions are asked, immediately force to think deep.

Part 1: You love it

Part 2: You're good at it

Part 3: Reality check 

Question design.

Starting the Ikigai coaching process with asking the right question at the right time, is absolutely critical. 

  1. We created the questions in the question deck based on our personal 25 year international experience in coaching. Throughout the years, we have coached thousands of individuals through change. For more information about our background, please visit the website of our firm: www.tencompany.org
  2. In the development phase, we first tested the game with our test panel. Based on their feedback, we fine-tuned our questions.
  3. When the first version was ready, we tested the Ikigai™ question game with our clients. One-on-one and in small groups of four people. Based on our observations, we further fine-tuned Ikigai™ question game.
  4. We stay in touch with our users when they start using Ikigai™ question game. We continue to collect their feedback. We use it to further develop the game. We have designed a closed feedback loop for continuous improvement.

The game comes in a box that fits into your mailbox. We ship worldwide.

If you order IKIGAI™ question game, we will send you free worksheets to use with the tool.


Why was Ikigai® Questions Game developed?

Ikigai Questions Game is developed in 2018 by Paul Donkers and Winny van der Burgt. Paul is an entrepreneur and business coach with more then two decades of experience. 

Paul says: "with Ikigai Questions Game we can touch many more people. It's my Ikigai to help 100.000 people worldwide before 2025 to unlock their Ikigai. I believe that when people have better careers, they have a better life. For themselves and their families. Together we have the opportunity to make our lives a little better. And at the same time leave a healthy planet for our children".


Professional user certification

Do you want to accelerate your impact and build your coaching business? We organize a monthly training to become a certified professional user. 

As certified professional user you get access to our global network. Where you can grow your network to share, learn and grow.

We refer requests to participate in Ikigai coaching to our certified professional users via our website.

Certified users receive a significant discount for all their follow-up purchases of Ikigai Questions Game going forward.

To ensure personal attention, each certification is with maximum five other professional users. We deliver in all time zones. It's an online interactive webinar via Zoom.

More information and subscribe here.

End-to-end solution

If you are a certified professional user of Ikigai Questions Game, you are eligible to start to work on our Yarak platform. Through this in house developed methodology, you enable your clients to execute their purpose. Translating their high level idea into the small action steps they need. Including a monitoring system for you and your coachee. Yarak is fully integrated with Ikigai Questions Game in one eco system.